Our Goal: Highest Quality Childcare

We strive to provide you with the highest quality childcare possible so your mind is at ease while you are away from your child. Our goal at the Center is to create a loving and responsive atmosphere for preschoolers during their significant years of development. We are licensed and approved through the New York State office of Children and Family Service (OCFS) and the New York State Department of Social Services. We have been selected by the Copiague Public Schools to provide Universal Pre-K programs for Copiague residents.

We offer families various options and flexibility when choosing a program and schedule that best meets their needs.


Stanford Programs

Preschoolers have very different needs than other school-aged children. Our program includes varied opportunities for self-selected, group-initiated and teacher-guided experiences. Our classes are assigned by kindergarten entrance year. Two years prior to kindergarten, children are enrolled in our Pre-K 1 class. Children one year before kindergarten are enrolled in our Pre-K 2 class.

Using a thematic unit-based format, our preschool curriculum subject areas include:

  • Language/Literacy
  • Art/Creativity
  • Math
  • Music
  • Movement
  • Science
  • Social/Cultural
  • Nutrition

Preschool is very important to your child’s intellectual development. Learning should be engaging and non-pressuring and should correspond to individual needs and abilities.

Parent-teacher meetings will be scheduled bi-annually. However, parent-teacher conferences may be arranged at anytime upon request. For enrollment information or forms, please visit our enrollment page.